I traveled the world for business and pleasure, getting to know each city by its unique tastes, flavors, and smells. 

Each place has a life of its own from the local markets, native plants, to specialty cuisine. I always endured eczema and problematic skin, but in 2013 was also diagnosed with multiple food and chemical allergies. I continued to travel, but began paying attention to ingredients  and labels, realizing how many chemicals and additives really go into the foods we eat and what we put on our skin.  Suddenly my high end body products were no longer appealing. I searched extensively for skin care that was natural and gentle enough for dry, sensitive skin- but thick, moisturizing, and highly absorbing.  I never found one; so decided to make my own.

It is said that scent can evoke the most powerful memories. Each Criss Naturals product is a unique handmade blend of aromas and natural ingredients that evoke those memories-  from the cloves of Stone Town, to the bergamot and orange of London’s earl grey tea, or the lavender of the Paris perfumeries – each time I use my Criss Naturals product I am transported there.

Whether you seek all natural skin care, a luxurious moisturizer, an aromatic global journey, or a mix of them all, you have the power:

Define your skin's journey.™

Kristin Csehill, Criss Naturals Founder

Kristin Csehill, Founder